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Policy Futures

  • Researching on education policy, governance and administration at a time of political crisis in Europe.

Om forskningsprogrammet

Forskningsprogrammet Policy Futures undersøger, hvilke særlige forhold der gør sig gældende inden for uddannelsespolitik, -styring og -forvaltning i en tid præget af politisk krise i Europa. Programmet forsker i den dobbelte udfordring, som aktuelt møder europæisk uddannelsespolitik:

  • hvordan den transnationale vending omformer aktuel og fremtidig styring af uddannelse
  • hvordan denne transnationale orden samtidig undermineres af re-nationaliseringer, nationalismer og populismer

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Honorary professors of Policy Futures

August 07 2020

We are happy to announce that Professor of Education Susan Robertson at Cambridge University and Professor of Sociology, Romuald Nordmand from Strasbourg University have been conferred the title of honorary professors of Policy Futures for the period 1 September 2020.

Global Trends in Education: Commercialization – Why should we care?

January 22, 2020

Together with Oxfam Ibis, the Policy Futures PRIVATOPIA Network hosted this event on January 22. with Dr. Prachi Sristava from University of Western Ontario, one of the leading experts on commercialization of education and low-fee private schooling: Global Trends in Education: Commercialization – Why should we care?

The event was a great success – a packed room with students, researchers and political activists interested in education, development and the politics around the private and the public sector. Many thanks to Lucas Cone and Oxfam Ibis for organizing this.

Digital Learning Assessments in Education: A Critical Analysis

Thursday 3 October 2019

The research program Policy Futures hosted a public lecture by Bob Lingard (Emeritus Professor of Sociology of Education, Institute for Learning Sciences and Teacher Education, Australian Catholic University) on Digital Learning Assessments in Education: A Critical Analysis

The presentation addressed the growing roles of big data and digital learning assessments in education in the context of the impact of digital disruption and changing social arrangements. This phenomenon has been characterised variously as the audit culture, knowing capitalism, data capitalism, the metric society and surveillance capitalism.

Lingard addressed the following questions: What is the nature of digital learning assessments and how do they evolve in complex and nonlinear ways from computer-based testing through Computer Adaptive Testing to Immersive Assessments? And, what are the relationships to big data, in terms of volume, continuous collection and interaction?

Education Politics between the transnational and re-nationalizing pressures

DPU's Policy Futures and AAU's Centre for Education Policy Research seminar, September 2019

This week Danish School of Education's research program "Policy Futures" teamed up with Centre for Education Policy Research at Aalborg University for the seminar titled: "Education Politics between the transnational and re-nationalizing pressures ". Jana Bacevic (University of Cambridge) and Bob Lingard (University of Queensland) participated as guest lecturers.

Danish School of Education's (DPU) research programme 'Policy Futures' at Aarhus University and Aalborg University's Center for Education Policy Research (directed by Professor Mette Buchardt) shares the distinct feature of engaging with education policy studies. In late September, they joined forces on a 2-day collaborative seminar. This seminar aimed at strengthening cross-institutional collaboration and sharing of knowledge and new trends within the field.

The seminar centered around themes such as "Transnational institutions and identity politics", "Repositioning educational responsibilities", "Breaking or (re-)making the (trans-)national?", "Pedagogy and reforms between national and universalist narratives", and "Data, numbers, and measurements".  The seminar took place at DPU's location in Copenhagen. With another planned seminar in the spring in Aalborg, the two research groups expand horizons, achieve valuable insights into the work of colleagues, and receive appreciated feedback on ongoing projects. The joint initiatives on collaborative seminars promises well for a future successful partnership and not least for future examinations of education policy.

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The Challenge of Theory in Comparative Policy Research … and Its Possible Re-Articulation

Seminar 17-09-2019

med oplæg af Bob Lingard, Professor, University of Queensland, (Australia), Stephen Carney, Associate Professor & President of CESE, Roskilde University og John Benedicto Krejsler, Professor, DPU, Aarhus University.

På vegne af Policy Futures og i lyset af den australske policy-forsker professor Bob Lingards besøg inviterede professor mso John B. Krejsler til et seminar om teoriens rolle i uddannelsespolicy. Gennem tre præsentationer og intense diskussioner med deltagerne udforskede dette forskningsseminar teoriens rolle i forhold til, hvordan vi forskningsmæssigt kan tænke uddannelsespolicy i en tid, hvor denne på mange måder er begrænset af en globalt dominerende enhedstænkning.

Med fokus på re-artikulation diskuterede deltagerne, hvordan man kan udvide mulighederne for at tænke uddannelsespolicy og forskningen herom anderledes, og hvordan teori eksplicit kan anvendes til at nytænke narrative om uddannelse i global perspektiv. Her blev inddraget begreber og nye tilgange til tækning om policy fra tænkere som Jean Baudrillard, Arjun Appadurai, Ash Amin, Gilles Deleuze og flere andre.

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