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Education Policy Futures and the Anthropocene

On the 28th of February, the Policy Futures International Webinar Series hosted an inspiring presentation by Iveta Silova on ‘Education policy futures and the Anthropocene’. Iveta’s talk discussed the role of education in a world of shifting planetary boundaries and collapsing ecosystems, and invited reflections on the taken-for-granted assumptions on education while exploring how policy futures could be re-envisioned and rebuilt towards non-exploitative, democratic, and interdependent relations among people and planet.

Iveta’s keynote presentation was complemented by discussants Zsuzsa Millei, Professor at Tampere University, and Keri Facer, Professor at the University of Bristol and visiting Professor at Gothenburg University.

The event was introduced and chaired by Gritt B. Nielsen, Associate Professor at Aarhus University, and Susan Robertson, Professor of Education at the University of Cambridge.