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#FeesMustFall and related changes in student politics in twenty-first century Africa

On the 16th of March, the Policy Futures International Webinar Series hosted an insightful keynote presentation by Thierry Luescher, research director and strategic lead in the Human Sciences Research Council, Cape Town, and Adjunct Professor in Critical University Studies affiliated to Nelson Mandela University and a Research Fellow of the University of the Free State in South Africa, on #FeesMustFall and related changes in student politics in twenty-first century Africa. The presentation discussed three developments of student movement in South Africa,

  1. The entanglement of student politics with multipartyism and its impact on student representation and activism
  2. The emergence of networked student movements [RhodesMustFall, #FeestMustFall, #EndOutsorcing] and new protest repertoires, and
  3. The elaboration of Fallism and its contribution to student political discourse on African higher education [intersectionality and decolonization].

The keynote presentation was complemented with insights and questions by the discussants Rachel Brooks, Professor at University of Surre, and Judith Bessant, Professor at RMIT University.

The event was chaired by Associate Professor at Aarhus University, Gritt B. Nielsen and the Policy Futures program director and Associate Professor, Katja Brøgger.