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Brown Bag Seminar

Brown Bag Seminar Series for Early Career Scholars

Since the spring semester of 2022, the Policy Futures research programme has facilitated Brown Bag seminars for the programme's PhD Students, Postdocs, Assistant Professors, students, and research assistants.

To support and encourage talent development, the seminars function as a platform for collaborative exchange and discussion. These exchanges can range from already developed papers to work-in-progress presentations as well as dialogues in relation to specific theoretical, methodological, or empirical questions.

The seminars are held online, twice a month, during lunch time, guaranteeing the participation of as many scholars involved as possible.

The Fall Semester Brown Bag Seminar series began Wednesday September 21, 2022.

The Seminars are co-coordinated by Manté Vertelyté and Hannah Moscovitz, Postdoctoral Research Fellows at DPU.

The bi-weekly online seminars allow the programme’s early career scholars to present their works in progress and receive feedback along the way.

For more information contact Hannah Vertelyté (hm@edu.au.dk) and Manté Moscovitz (mante@edu.au.dk).