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Trust in Education

Keynote: Inka Bormann

November 13 2020

The Policy Futures research program hosted an internal international online webinar on ‘Trust in Education’. The webinar was part of an exchange agreement between Freie University, Berlin and Aarhus University, the Policy Futures research program. Inka Bormann, Professor at the Department of General Education at Freie University, gave an insightful introduction to trust in education. Following Inka’s research, trust is considered a key lubricant for societal cohesion. In her keynote, Inka explored what happens when trust in education is challenged, for example due to teachers or schools that fail to overcome social inequality or governance instruments that change the balance between autonomy and control. As part of the exchange agreement, Inka also contributes to the Masters’ degree program in Education Science, the module on advanced studies on governance and administration in education.