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CURSIV #14 2014

Evidence and Evidence-based Education in Denmark - The Current Debate

Tema: Evidens i uddannelse: Aktuelle diskussioner
Redaktører af dette nummer: Karen Bjerg Petersen, David Reimer & Ane Qvortrup (red.)
Udgivet: 2014


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About This Anthology

Karen Bjerg Petersen, David Reimer & Ane Qvortrup
Introduction. Approaches to The Notion of Evidence and Evidence-based Education in Denmark: Contributions and Discussions

Gert Biesta
Who Knows? On the Ongoing Need to ask Critical Questions About the Turn Towards
Evidence in Education and Related Fields

Niels Rosendal Jensen & Christian Christrup Kjeldsen
The Schism between Evidence-based Practice, Professional Ethics and Managerialism – Exemplified by Social Pedagogy

Merete Wiberg
Evidence-based Methods and Conforming Judgement

Thomas R.S. Albrechtsen & Ane Qvortrup
Making Sense of Evidence in Teaching

Jørn Bjerre & David Reimer
The Strategic use of Evidence on Teacher Education: Investigating the Research Report Genre

Thomas Aastrup Rømer
The Relationship Between Education and Evidence

Karen Bjerg Petersen
Danish Language and Citizenship Tests: Is What is Measured What Matters?

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