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CURSIV #18 2016

Special Needs in Mathematics Education

Tema: Særlige behov i matematikundervisning
Redaktør af dette nummer: Lena Lindenskov (red)
Udgivet: 2016


Lena Lindenskov

Ann Gervasoni
Longitudinal Progress of Australian Six-Year-Old Students Who Participated in a Mathematics Intervention Program

Marie-Pascale Noël, Laurence Rousselle, & Alice De Visscher
Both Specific and General Cognitive Factors Account for Dyscalculia

Ingemar Karlsson
Special and Specific Educational Needs in School Mathematics

Jónína Vala Kristinsdóttir, Dóróþea Reimarsdóttir, & Hafdís Guðjónsdóttir
"There Is Always Something New After Nine" – Action Research as a Mode for Teachers to Develop a Tool for Analysing Their Pupils’ Numeracy Skills

Maria Christina Secher Schmidt
Mathematics Difficulties and Classroom Leadership – A Case Study of Teaching Strategies and Student Participation in Inclusive Classrooms

Helena Roos
Inclusion in Mathematics – The Impact of the Principal

Anette Bagger
Student Equity vs Test Equality? – Support During Third Graders’ National Tests in Mathematics in Sweden

Pernille Bødtker Sunde & Pernille Pind
Comparison of Two Test Approaches for Detecting Mathematical Difficulties

Kaisa Kanerva & Minna Kyttälä
Specific Training of Working Memory and Counting Skills in Kindergarten

Ingemar Holgersson, Wolmet Barendregt, Elisabeth Rietz, Torgny Ottosson, & Berner Lindström
Can Children Enhance Their Arithmetic Competence by Playing a Specially Designed Computer Game?

Lisser Rye Ejersbo
Number Sense as the Bridge to Number Understanding

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