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CURSIV #15 2015

Voluntary Work And Youth Unemployment - Contributions from the Conference on VERSO

Tema: Frivilligt arbejde og ungdomsarbejdsløshed
Redaktør af dette nummer: Niels Rosendal Jensen (red.)
Udgivet: 2015


Niels Rosendal Jensen
Introduction: Voluntary Work, Unemployment, and the Changing Welfare State – in Search of an Alternative Solution

Lars Skov Henriksen
Contradictions and Controversies in Danish Civil Society Discourse

Thomas P. Boje
Citizenship, Democratic Participation, and Civil Society

Linda Lundgaard Andersen
Social Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation: Human Economy, Governance and Volunteerism Revisited

Christian Christrup Kjeldsen
For Reasons Other Than ‘What’s in it for me?’ Volunteering as Citizens’ Interests - A Perspective From the Capability Approach

Jacob Kornbeck
The Diversity of Sports Volunteering in the European Union - Sharing information and good practice to provide EU added value in a field without EU regulatory powers

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Læs de danske abstracts af artiklerne i CURSIV #15 Frivilligt arbejde og ungdomsarbejdsløshed. Bidrag fra konferencen om VERSO oktober 2013