Aarhus Universitets segl

2011 #6

Cursiv #6 - Adult Learning - Teachers as Learners

CURSIV no. 6 - 2011

Theme: Adult Learning - Teachers as Learners
Editor of this issue : Venka Simovska
Published: June 2011

This special issue of Cursiv provides readers with a glimpse into the research done within the National Research Centre for Competence Development at DPU, AU. The National Research Centre for Competence Development (NCK) plays an important role in strengthening adult education, further education, and professional guidance in Denmark by conducting theoretical and empirical research, as well as by systematising the existing knowledge in the area. This contributes to establishing a solid research driven evidence base for policy and decision makers in the field, and also provides inspiration to the research and practice communities for innovative research and professional development concerning adult education and lifelong learning.


Marcella Milana & Anne Larson
Professionalisation processes among Adult Educators - a comparative investigation of three Nordic-Baltic countries
Søren Ehlers & Lis Hemmingsen
The joint move towards a transnational academic culture
Linda Kragelund
Counselling on a Practice-Based Education used as Competence Development among Mentors
Bjarne Wahlgren
Experience from a teacher training programme in cooperative learning