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Work Package 5

Detailed Plan:
Work Package 5 - Detailed Plan

Gritt Nielsen, Seminar, 17 October 2012 - Poster
Martin Bech, 14 December 2012 - Poster
Sue Wright & Chris Shore, Research Seminar, ‘The Politics of “Policy”: An Anthropological Approach to the Study of Power and Governance ‘ - Poster

The Death of the Public University?, 6-7 November 2012

Final Workshop:
Final Workshop 5+6, Auckland, 22 April 2013

PowerPoint Presentations by:
Lisa Lucas:
(The University of Bristol) ‘National Performance Based Research Funding Exercises; what do they mean for university researchers and research work?’
Sue Wright (Aarhus University):
‘Instruments for measuring and funding Danish university research and their impacts on the conduct of researchers
Bruce Curtis (The University of Auckland):
‘The PBRF and cultural cringe’
Susan L. Robertson, (University of Bristol):
‘Follow that output...to its (public...) outcome! An institutional ethnography of making and materializing ‘Research Impact’
Dirk Michel Schertges (Aarhus University):
‘Administrational Reason and Academic Strategies’
Miri Davidson, Nick Lewis & Cris Shore:
Commercialising University Knowledge: The New Zealand Story
Gritt B. Nielsen:
Explorations into Anthropology of Policy


Auckland Symposium, 6-7 November 2012
Martin Bech, Seminar, 14 December 2012

Final Workshop

Working Papers:
Susan Wright, Bruce Curtis, Lisa Lucas and Susan Robertson:
Research Assessment Systems and their Impacts on Academic Work in New Zealand, the UK and Denmark - Summative Working Paper for URGE Work Package 5

Work Package Report:
Work Package 5