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Advancing the use of Research in Education across Europe

The fourth International Evidence Informed Policy and Practice in Education in Europe (EIPPEE) Conference 8-9 November 2016


Opening speech by Christina Lindrum Iversen & Eva Silberschmidt Viala.

Camilla Dyssegaard: What enables effective implementation of externally produced evidence in schools?

David Gough and Janice Tripney: Presentation of the results of the project 'The science of using science. Researching the Use of Research Evidence in Decision-Making'.

Panel discussion with Camilla Dyssegaard, David Gough and Janice Tripney

Steve Higgins: How to give research results back to teachers?

Bengt Persson: How pioneering research can generate impact on teachers’ and school leaders' pedagogical practice

Panel discussion with Steve Higgins, Bengt Persson and David Gough

Terje Ogden: Implementing and evaluating a research based school model – design considerations and outcomes

Niels Egelund, Danish School of Education, Aarhus University: Quantative policy oriented educational research in Denmark 2010-2016

Panel discussion with Andrew Morris, Terje Ogden and Niels Egelund,

James Richardson and Alex Quigley: The role of teachers in creating an evidence-based education system

Panel discussion with Rien Rouw, James Richardson and Alex Quigley

Tracey Burns, OECD: Input from workshops