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Conceptualising and Operationalising Sustainable Education

On 3 May, this conference brings together students, academics and university leaders engaged in experimenting with how university education can contribute to making a more sustainable planet.

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Fredag 3. maj 2024,  kl. 09:30 - 14:30


Nobelparken/DPU Aarhus: 1483-616 (Sky Lounge). Video link to DPU Emdrup: A302

The event will ask:

• What might sustainable education mean in a Danish context?

How can education programmes more substantially integrate disciplinary knowledge with the skills and capabilities to use that knowledge to achieve change?

• How might we operationalise it at AU?

What institutional structures would enable universities to better sustain and spread the innovative educational projects that growing numbers of students and academics are undertaking?

The event builds on a Circle U report and includes presentations of sustainable education initiatives by students and academics in Denmark and abroad.

The event is at DPU in Aarhus with a link to Emdrup. The event is free but please register at https://events.au.dk/conceptualising-and-operationalising-sustainable-education

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