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Higher Education Policy and Practice

Special interest group


CHEF has facilitated the setting up of a new special interest group called Higher Education Policy and Practice (HEPP) under the auspices of Dansk Pædagogisk Netværk (DUN). Launched on 20th May 2019 with members from throughout Danish academia, a number of issues were identified for discussion and action in the first year, including research integrity, academic freedom, de-internationalisation, and academic citizenship. Membership is open.

It is rare in a Danish academic context that policy and practice speak together and are combined in a joint undertaking. Often, policy makers and practitioners work and discuss their work in separate forums, and few efforts exist that try and bridge the gap between the two paradigms. The special interest group (SIG) aims to mend the divide by generating a dialogue between researchers and practitioners  working in the intersections of higher education policy and practice.

Further, the HEPP aims to include members who work across academic and institutional levels: academic leaders, researchers, developers, teachers, and students (across all levels). This way, HEPP aims for a greater level of awareness, understanding, complementarity, and cohesion in the future debates, initiatives, and actions taken in order to mutually benefit the policy and practice levels of higher education in Denmark.

HEPP Meetings