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EMBodied EDucation (EMBED)

About the research unit

In the last four decades, we have been witnessing a turn in cognitive science, social sciences, and the humanities toward understanding learning, feeling and cognizing processes in general as situational embedded, embodied activities. For short: The turn toward enacted, embodied cognition. The EMBED unit harbors research focused on various aspects of embodiment with implications for learning, pedagogy and didactics.


  • Embodied and enacted approaches to mind and learning, including radical enactivism
  • The (neo)phenomenological ‘embodied tradition’: impact on learning and pedagogical thinking
  • Implicit learning (impacts on didactics/implementations in educational settings (e.g. STEM)
  • Pragmatism (neo- and classical) – impacts on educational thinking
  • Representationalist accounts of the mental, e.g. metacognitive/higher-order models of consciousness and introspection
  • The functions of consciousness in relation to learning; learning as a precondition for consciousness


We collaborate on publications and conference presentations. We expect to be collectively represented at ECER in Yerevan 2022, and at the International Network of Philosophy of Education (INPE) conference in Emdrup, Copenhagen 2022. An AU Summer University course ‘Enacting Education’ is collectively developed and offered, and a Ph.D. course (with Prof. Shaun Gallagher, Miami University) is scheduled for autumn, 2022. In the slightly longer term, cooperation on applications for research funding comes into play.


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Frølund, Sune Emeritus sufr@edu.au.dk +4541589668 D, 141
Kauffmann, Oliver Lektor kauffmann@edu.au.dk +4593508040 D, 148
Knudsen, Lars Emmerik Damgaard Lektor lada@edu.au.dk +4530226763 B, 312
Nielsen, Andreas Ph.d.-studerende andreasn@edu.au.dk
Nielsen, Anne Maj Lektor amn@edu.au.dk +4593508070 D, 214
Winther-Lindqvist, Ditte Alexandra Lektor diwi@edu.au.dk +4530139323 D, 224
  • Dag Munk Lindemann, E: dag@au.dk, M: 42 67 87 17
  • Denis Francesconi, University of Vienna, Austria
  • Matthew Crippen, Humboldt University, Berlin School of Mind and Brain/ visiting Professor. South Korea
  • Mog Stapleton, University of Edinburgh
  • Menno van Calcar, Erasmus University Rotterdam