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24.10.2019 | CHEF

CHEF participates in the Higher Education Platform for Cooperation and Exchange (HEPCE)

On 27 September 2019 CHEF director Susan Wright and CHEF member Jie Gao participated in the 2019 edition of the EU-China Higher Education Platform for Cooperation and Exchange (HEPCE) in Helsinki, Finland. The HEPCE is a regular event taking place in the framework of the EU-China High-Level People-to-People Dialogue (HPPD), launched in 2012 as…

17.09.2019 | CHEF

Colleagues from CHEF and REDI came together for a joyful and productive event in Hamburg

Plans for research collaborations, writing projects, international visits, and a joint PhD were hatched when colleagues from CHEF/DPU and our ‘sister centre’, REDI from Deakin University met on the side of the ECER conference at Hamburg on 5 sept 2019.  New contacts were made and old ones renewed amid serious talk, much enjoyment, good wine…

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