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Research at the Danish School of Education

The Danish School of Education (DPU), Aarhus University, is the hub of education and educational research in Denmark. With its 155 scholars and 90 PhD students, it constitutes one of the largest education research environments in Europe. Early childhood education and care, schooling, higher education, adult learning and lifelong learning make up the primary focus areas.

Interest in pedagogics and education as the solution to a range of societal problems in a globally-oriented world has probably never been greater than it is today. First of all, this interest is apparent because all social relationships at almost all stages of life are subject to pedagogical intervention – regardless of whether this intervention is associated with care, teaching or other situations. Secondly, it is apparent because pedagogical issues, educational issues and education systems are included in an increasing number of international comparisons and assessments.

The Danish School of Education’s research encompasses the perspectives of educational psychology, educational sociology, educational anthropology and educational philosophy; and includes general and more subject-specific didactic and cross-disciplinary perspectives on the field of education.

Researchers at the Danish School of Education are grouped in a number of research programmes and research units which provide the topical and organisational framework for the department's research.