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School management team

Head of School

Secretariat manager

Deputy head of school and director of studies

Anna Karlskov Skyggebjerg

Deputy head of school (DPU) and director for education Danish School of Education - Secretariat, Emdrup

Deputy head of school and director of research

Karen Valentin

Associate Professor

Department management team

Department of Educational Theory and Curriculum Studies

Department of Educational Sociology

Manager of DPU in Aarhus

Department of Education Studies

Department of Educational Anthropology

Department of Educational Psychology

Department of Educational Philosophy and General Education

Research program managers

  • Evaluation of educational effectiveness and inequality (EDU-EQUAL): Starts september 2022

  • Future Technology, Culture and Learning (FTCL): Cathrine Hasse

  • Policy Futures: Katja Brøgger 

  • Social Exclusion and Pedagogy in the Welfare State (SEP)Kirsten Elisa Petersen

  • Teachers and Teaching: Teacher Education, Practice, Professional Development (TAT): Helle Plauborg

Coordinator of the professional Master's degree programmes