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Visiting Scholars

Scholars visiting the Danish School of Education

Each year, the Danish School of Education at Aarhus University employs a great number of researchers from other institutions as visiting scholars. This page contains information about the options for support for these visiting scholars.

International Academic Staff Services (IAS)

The IAS provide services for non-employed visiting scholars at Aarhus University. They help to obtain the proper registrations and permits, including applications for residence and work permits for visiting scholars, as well as providing information and guidance about childcare options, school enrolment, language tuition etc.


The Danish School of Education sends researchers on short-term teaching and training visits to Erasmus partner universities, and we also welcome researchers and PhD students from these partner universities. An Erasmus partnership agreement is always required for this; but if no such agreement exists, it can be drawn up. The International Office at Emdrup Campus sets up Erasmus agreements. Scholars and PhD students who visit DPU under the Erasmus scheme do not receive any financial support from AU, but are funded solely by their home universities combined with their Erasmus scholarship.

  • For more information contact International Coordinator Eva Lise Eriksen eli@au.dk

AU Fund for Visiting Scholars

The goal of the Aarhus University Research Foundation is to support scientific and scholarly research at Aarhus University. The foundation has a special fund for visiting scholars, and any applications to this fund must be submitted by AU staff at associate professor level. The target group comprises internationally recognised visiting scholars from outside Denmark. It is possible to apply for continuous funding for visiting scholars lasting between one and six months.

  • Please direct any questions regarding the visiting scholar fund to Tove Østergaard Le. Tel. : +45 8715 2607, mobile: +45 2162 4921. Email: toe@au.dk


The Aarhus University Research Foundation offers microfunding in order to help international PhD students and researchers who have economic constraints with their move to Denmark. This funding is especially designed for applicants from low-income countries.