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PhD Education at the Danish School of Education

About the PhD programme at the Danish School of Education

The PhD programme at the Danish School of Education is organised under the Graduate School, Arts, and each year a number of PhD projects are completed at the school, focusing on topics such as education, didactics, learning, learning cultures and identity, innovation, management, competence and organisational development, education systems and education policy.

The Graduate School, Arts has two PhD programmes that are connected to the Danish School of Education:

PhD students at the Danish School of Education will also be attached to one of the school’s research programmes.

Are you interested in doing a PhD?

You can read about the requirements and opportunities involved in a PhD degree programme at the Faculty of Arts on the Graduate School, Arts website.

The website enables you to:

  • find information about the scholarships available
  • get good advice on how to compose an application
  • read about the rules and financial framework for PhD programmes
  • find out which courses and exchange opportunities are offered
  • read about life as a PhD student and the career opportunities you will have as a researcher.

Further questions?

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us by phone or email.

For specific academic questions please contact the heads of the PhD programmes at the Graduate School, Arts.

For questions about administration, applications and admission, please contact: PhD administrator Minna Elo, phone: +45 8715 3298, email: minna.elo@au.dk, Tåsingegade 3, Building 1443, room 417, Aarhus.

The aim of the PhD programmes

The aim of the PhD programmes is to train researchers who can participate in highly competitive research environments and perform specialised, highly qualified professional functions. PhD degrees are offered in the form of three-year programmes for students who have completed a Master’s degree programme (5+3), or four-year programmes for students enrolling after one year of the Master’s degree programme (4+4).