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Educational sociology

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The department is one of four departments at the Danish School oof Education, Aarhus University and is build on the Master's degree programme in Educational sociology.

The reserchers are part of a row of research units.


The descriptions of the programmes are only available in Danish.


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Name Job title Email Phone Building
Allerup, Peter N. Professor Emeritus nimmo@edu.au.dk +4521653793 D, 329
Andersen, Ida Gran Associate Professor idagran@edu.au.dk 1483, 626
Bagg, Emma PhD Student embagg@edu.au.dk D, 315
Bjerre, Jørn Associate Professor jbje@edu.au.dk +4551443762 1483, 548
Breining, Anne Mette Brøgger PhD Student ambb@edu.au.dk 1483, 545
Brodersen, Malene Engsig PhD Student mabr@edu.au.dk +4528902570 1483, 545
Bruun, Jens Associate Professor jebr@edu.au.dk +4587163848 D, 343
Christensen, Anders Astrup PhD Fellow anch@edu.au.dk 1483, 628
Christensen, Jacob Postdoc jach@edu.au.dk +4593521715
Coninck-Smith, Ning de Professor ning@edu.au.dk +4530539404 D, 345
Danneskiold-Samsøe, Ida Postdoc ids@edu.au.dk
Fristrup, Tine Associate Professor tifr@edu.au.dk +4587163601 D, 349
Grønhøj, Elisabeth Omand PhD Fellow elgr@edu.au.dk 1483, 623
Hansen, Christian Sandbjerg Associate Professor csh@edu.au.dk D, 314
Hedegaard-Sørensen, Lotte Associate Professor lohes@edu.au.dk +4587163754 D, 352
Høyen, Marianne Associate Professor hoyen@edu.au.dk +4561181729 D, 348
Jensen, Lenette Møller Research Assistant leje@edu.au.dk +4593508334 1483, 627
Jensen, Niels Rosendal Associate Professor nrj@edu.au.dk +4587163709 D, 316
Jensen, Simon Skovgaard Postdoc ssj@edu.au.dk 1483, 621
Kjær, Bjørg Associate Professor bjorg@edu.au.dk +4593521496 D, 356
Kjeldsen, Christian Christrup Associate Professor kjeldsen@edu.au.dk +4551370188 1483, 619
Kristensen, Rune Müller Associate Professor ruvk@edu.au.dk +4561669793 D, 354
Langager, Søren Emeritus langager@edu.au.dk D, 329
Larson, Anne Associate Professor anne@edu.au.dk +4593508159 D, 346
Laug, Ida PhD Fellow idla@edu.au.dk D, 325
Lieberkind, Jonas Associate Professor lieberkind@edu.au.dk +4593522687 D, 344
Michel-Schertges, Dirk Associate Professor dimi@edu.au.dk +4593521802 D, 317
Nagbøl, Søren Peter Associate Professor Emeritus/Emerita sona@edu.au.dk D, 329
Nygaard, Pernille Svare PhD Fellow pesv@edu.au.dk D, 341
Olsen, Astrid Research Assistant amo@edu.au.dk 1483, 627
Olsen, Bent Visiting Professor D, 332
Qvortrup, Lars Professor Emeritus lq@edu.au.dk +4527844005 D, 329
Ralund, Snorre Postdoc snorreralund@edu.au.dk 1483, 621
Rasmussen, Jens Professor Emeritus jera@edu.au.dk +4540414643 D, 329
Reimer, David Professor dare@edu.au.dk +4561261479 1483, 620
Risbank Jensen, Katrine PhD Fellow karj@edu.au.dk D, 315
Sandager, Jette Postdoc jesa@edu.au.dk B, 216
Smith, Emil Postdoc esmith@edu.au.dk 1483, 623
Thorborg, Mathias Merrild Roerup PhD Student mmth@edu.au.dk D, 358
Weiss, Felix Associate Professor fewe@edu.au.dk +4593508920 1483, 624


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