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Perspectives On Robots. A Reality Check of Imagined Futures

At the conference 'Perspectives On Robots: A Reality Check on Imagined Futures' the REELER project presents results based on extensive ethnographic and economic research into robot design, development, implementation and related ethical challenges conducted by the interdisciplinary team of researchers in REELER.

Welcome to REELER and webinar

ved Claus Holm, institutleder DPU, Aarhus Universitet.

Introduction by administrative officer Stine Trentemøller. Presentation by Project Coordinator, Prof. Cathrine Hasse, DPU Aarhus Universitet. 

Ethnographic research in robotics

Presentation by research assistant Jessica Sorenson and Postdoc Karolina Zawieska. 

Experimental approaches: Sociodrama and Mini-publics

Presentation by Prof. Kathleen Richardson and Prof. Cathrine Hasse

Development of robots: Coping with uncertainty, bounded rationality and complexity

Presentation by Prof. Andreas Pyka.

REELER toolbox, BuildBot and Brickster

Presentation by R&D Director Maria Bulgheroni. 

Summing up

Administrative officer Stine Trentemøller and Project Coordinator, Prof. Cathrine Hasse summarize at the conference.