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On the Understanding of and Socializing with the Strangers in a Globalized and Constantly Changing World

As part of a collaboration between CURSIV, the Department of Education’s peer reviewed series of publications, and the research programmes ‘Didactics’ and ‘Education and Philosophy’, a conference was held on ‘the Strangers’ on 28 June 2013. A number of influential international researchers were invited to present their perspectives on the topic.

Claus Holm, Aarhus University/Søren Nagbøl, Aarhus University: Welcome and Introduction

Christoph Wulf, Freie Universität: Anthropology as a Pre-requisite of Education in the Globalized World

Ingelise Flensborg, Aarhus University/Søgen Nagbøl, Aarhus University: “The Burghers of Calais” – on Performance and Experience Analysis

Orvar Löfgren, Lund University: An Ethnography of Urban Inclusion and Exclusion in the City

Lars-Henrik Schmidt, Aarhus University: The Stranger in Yourself