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Festschrift for Susan Wright: A Symposium and Social Celebration

The Centre for Higher Education Futures (CHEF) at Aarhus University’s Danish School of Education is hosting a hybrid Symposium and Social Celebration on 8 March 2024. This distinguished event is to honor the contributions of Professor Susan Wright, the co-director of CHEF.

A Festschrift for Susan Wright: LATISS (Learning and Teaching, International Journal of Higher Education of Social Sciences) has published a Festschrift dedicated to exploring Professor Susan Wright’s contributions to developments in anthropology, higher education and the study of politics and power. 

An inspiring Symposium: Scheduled at the DPU campus, Tuborgvej 164, from 2:00 to 4:00 pm, the symposium aims to challenge current educational paradigms and foster discussions on collaborative and participatory approaches in higher education.

A social celebration: Following the symposium, CHEF will host a social gathering and drinks, reception until 6:00 pm. This social event provides a platform for faculty, students, alumni, and colleagues to network and celebrate academic achievements.

Join us: For more information and to register for this hybrid event, visit CHEF Symposium Registration.