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The Design Studio as a Revolutionary Space in the University

CHEF talk with Carol Brandt and Peter Lundsgaard Hansen

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Torsdag 27. oktober 2022,  kl. 13:00 - 14:30


Online (Zoom)


Carol Brandt, Associate Professor of Science Education, Temple University, Philadelphia

Peter Lundsgaard Hansen, Assistant Professor, Landscape Architecture and Urbanism, University of Copenhagen


Professor Susan Wright, Co-Director of CHEF, Aarhus University, Denmark


In this presentation, we introduce the studio as a pedagogical approach that is now being adopted beyond the design fields. We discuss our own experiences with the studio,  as a way to construct relationships across the sciences and humanities. We also argue that the studio requires students and faculty to develop models that often challenge disciplinary knowledge, requiring a new language to express ideas. Each of us draws upon a different theoretical background that reinforces how we view the studio as a radical space that contributes a new way to rethink the university.

A Zoom-link will be shared with the participants closer to the event