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Engaging the world anthropologically


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Fredag 17. maj 2024,  kl. 13:15 - 17:00


Room D170, DPU

This seminar addresses the question of how paying attention - anthropologically – fashions and focuses our engagement with the world.  We invite all participants to join in a conversation between senior scholars from Denmark, USA and Canada and former and present students of educational anthropology who have engaged with the work of these scholars. The aim is to promote dialogue and the conversation is open to all interested.

13:15–13:30    Introduction – Gritt Nielsen and Sally Anderson

13:30–14:10    Engaging Babies
Ayo Wahlberg, Professor, University of Copenhagen: Human fertility/infertility
Line Lundgaard Mikkelsen, Master student, DPU: The worlds of Danish babies

14:10–14:25    Break

14:25–15:05    Engaging Concepts
Vered Amit, Professor emerita, Concordia University: Rethinking concepts
Amanda Houmann, Pæd. ant scient: Choosing concepts

15:05–15:15    Break

15:15–16:00    Engaging Time
Kathryn Anderson-Levitt, Professor emerita, U. of Michigan: Behind/ahead of schedule
Stine Karen Nissen, PhD, Educational Anthropology, Temporalities of schooling

16:00–16:15    Concluding remarks

16:15–17:00    Emerita reception for Sally

There will be an informal rite of passage (beer, wine, tapas, music) starting at 17:30 in Sally’s garden: Emdrupsø/Havsgårdsvej 18. All are welcome!  (weather permitting)

All are welcome