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Research projects

Teacher education in Denmark and Poland

The project aims to critically analyze and describe pre-service teacher education on three levels:  1) Research-based view of quality teacher education - what can we learn from the research, 2) how pre-service teacher education is carried out in Denmark and 3) how pre-service teacher education is carried out in Poland. Descriptions and comparisons are based on two models: The input/output model developed by David Easton for empirical analyzes of the political system (Easton, 1965) and the framework factor theory, developed by Urban Dahllöf and further developed by Ulf P. Lundgren (Lundgren, 1999). Both models have an eye for complex diversity and for relationships between individual elements in a complex multiplicity.

Easton, D. (1965). A Systems Analysis of Political Life. Wiley.

Lundgren, U.P. (1999). Ramfaktorteori och praktisk utbildningsplanering. Pædagogisk Forskning i Sverige, 4(1), 31-41.

Contact: Jens Rasmussen

Teachers who stay in the profession

This research project addresses the shortage of qualified teachers in teaching positions in Denmark – a problem that projections indicate will become more pronounced in the future. Statistics show that, among those attaining teaching qualifications, some never enter the profession; some continue to teach throughout their working lives; and some spend a shorter or longer period as teachers before deciding to pursue an alternative career path.

The existing research focusing on attrition and retention is predominantly concerned with why teachers leave the profession. Meanwhile, we know little about the reasons why some teachers stay. This research project addresses this knowledge gap.

The project has already resulted in the publication of one literature review "Teachers who stay in the profession" (Plauborg, Wieser, Petersen & Laursen, 2022) and the research group is currently in the process of preparing a second literature review entitled "Why do long-serving teachers stay in the profession? A literature review" (Petersen & Plauborg, forthcoming).

These reviews form the foundation for a large-scale Danish research project, which we expect to initiate in 2023.

Contact: Helle Plauborg