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Educating for Viable Futures

About the research unit

This interdisciplinary research unit addresses important and pressing questions of how to enable learning and educate  - individuals, groups, communities, businesses, municipalities – related to the challenges of both envisioning and shaping viable, common futures.

Our aim is to broaden and strengthen research efforts to address the following questions:

  • How do projects that focus on sustainability intersect with, and/or incorporate understandings of democracy, morality, technology sociality and nature in a rapidly globalizing world?
  • How is sustainability linked to membership in a collectivity and thus to questions of citizenship?  What educational challenges arise from these links and how should they be addressed?
  • What understandings of common space/time undergird sustainability as an ethical, educational endeavor? In what way are common spaces educative, and what forms of pedagogy and learning do they afford?
  • What special educational challenges does global risk pose, and which educational approaches and practices do they give rise to among pedagogues, teachers and change agents in different settings?

Research activities in this unit draws on member expertise in a range of fields and topics, including educational theory, sustainability, citizenship, political, philosophy, the philosophy of nature, environmental sociology, common schooling, social organization and sociability, as well as education in the global south.


Name Job title Email Phone Building
Anderson, Sally Associate professor Emerita saan@edu.au.dk +4593508151 D, 286
Carlsson, Monica Susanne Associate Professor monica@edu.au.dk +4529426725 D, 104
Frølund, Sune Associate Professor Emeritus/Emerita sufr@edu.au.dk +4541589668 D, 141
Læssøe, Jeppe Professor Emeritus jepl@edu.au.dk +4529164446 B, 104
Lysgaard, Jonas Andreasen Associate Professor jonas@edu.au.dk +4593508101 B, 206
Sørensen, Asger Associate Professor aso@edu.au.dk +4551328145 D, 111

External participants

Nanna Jordt Jørgensen
Niels Larsen
Jeppe Høj Christensen