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Previous research projects at the Danish School of Education

  1. Evaluation of Finnish Lifelong Guidance System

    Larson, A. (Other)


    Project: Research

  2. Socratic Ignorance in working with generative AI chatbots

    Hasse, C. (PI) & Bruun, M. H. (PI)


    Project: Research

  3. G-EPIC: Gender Empowment through Politics in Classrooms

    Staunæs, D. (Participant), Kjeldsen, C. C. (PI), Lieberoth, A. (Participant), Jensen, N. R. (Participant) & Bindslev, S. G. (Participant)


    Project: Research

  4. Children and youth's social and emotional wellbeing within the Nordic welfare states

    Petersen, K. E. (Project manager), Einarsdóttir, J. (Collaborator) & Honkasilta, J. (Collaborator)


    Project: Research