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Members in SeWell

Overview of members in the Nordic network:

Children and youths social and emotional wellbeing within the Nordic welfare states (SeWell)

From Denmark:

(Jennifer Duncan-Bendix, student assistant in the network, jdb@edu.au.dk)

From Iceland:

From Sweden:

  • Jude Tah, Assistant Professor, PhD, Stockholm University, mail: jude.tah@specped.su.se
  • Mattias NilssonSjoberg, Assistant professor, Phd, Fakulteten för lärarutbildning

Högskolan Kristianstad, Sweden. mattias.nilsson_sjoberg@hkr.se

From Norway:

  • Stine E. Vik, Associate Professor, PhD, Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences


From Finland:

In total; 16 members of the network

Workgroup of the network: Juho Honkasilta (finland), Johanna Einarsdottir (Iceland) and Kirsten Elisa Petersen (Denmark)