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Current research projects

  1. Evaluation of Finnish Lifelong Guidance System

    Larson, A.


    Project: Research

  2. The Global History of the OECD in Education (associeret medlem)

    Ydesen, C., Reder, T. J., Ørskov, F. F. & Krejsler, J. B.

    14/03/2018 → …

    Project: Research

Finished research projects

  1. Professional Women at Aarhus University

    Nygaard, P. S., Sørensen, A. E., Coninck-Smith, N. D. & Tamboukou, M.


    Project: Research

  2. Governing educational pasts, presents, and futures with data

    Madsen, M., Karseth, B., Piattoeva, N., Cheyenne Martinez Lunde, I., Laursen, R., M. Blaabjerg-Zederkoff, D., Ratner, H. & Rokoguniwai, M. B.

    The Joint Committee for Nordic research councils in the Humanities and Social Sciences (NOS-HS)


    Project: Other

  3. The Governance of Career Guidance Systems in Nordic Countries - exploratory workshops.

    Mariager-Anderson, K., Larson, A., Cort, P. S., Varjo, J., Rosvall, P., Nafsika, A., Sundelin, Å., Hooley, T., Bårdsdatter Bakke, I., Kalalahti, M., Harjula, S. & Vilkman, M.


    Project: Research

  4. Gendered Formation of educational interests and aspirations in primary and secondary schooling

    Pors, J. G., Staunæs, D., Sandager, J., Plotnikof, M. & Pors, A. S.


    Project: Research

  5. The social life of profit

    Cone, L.


    Project: Research

  6. Study supporting the monitoring of FEAD

    Cort, P. S.


    Project: Other

  7. Hvilken demokratisk dannelse?

    Hedegaard, M. L. L.


    Project: Research

  8. Barnets skala

    Coninck-Smith, N. D.


    Project: Research

  9. Fundamental but often forgotten perspectives

    Moos, L.


    Project: Research

  10. Skoleudsmykninger

    Coninck-Smith, N. D.


    Project: Research

  11. Læringsmål i undervisningen

    Clausen, T.


    Project: Research

  12. Skolechefer, politiske udvalg

    Moos, L., Kofod, K. & Brinkkjær, U.


    Project: Research

  13. EPNoSL: European Policy Network on School Leadership

    Moos, L.


    Project: Research

  14. Pædagogprofessionens historie

    Hamre, B., Hansen, C. S., Kristensen, J. E., Bayer, S. & Hansen, A. E.


    Project: Research

  15. Schools in Denmark. A History of Everyday Life, Conditions and Visions over 500 Years

    Coninck-Smith, N. D., Appel, C., Nørgaard, E., Jacobsen, A. F., Gjerløff, A. K., Fink-Jensen, M., nørr, E., sonne, P., Rasmussen, L. R., Ydesen, C. & Larsen, C.

    <ingen navn>


    Project: Research

  16. Børnehavens og pædagogprofessionens historie og aktualitet

    Kristensen, J. E., Dahl, H. M., Bayer, S. & Sandbjerg Hansen, C.


    Project: Research

  17. Learning for career and labour market transitions - individual biographies

    Cort, P. S., Thomsen, R., Juul, I., Brown, A., Merrill, B., Alheit, P. & Mulvey, R.


    Project: Research