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Study programmes

The Danish School of Education currently offers a bachelor programme, 10 postgraduate programmes and 6 part-time professional master's degree programmes. Some programmes are offered in Aarhus and some are offered in Copenhagen. All the programmes are taught in Danish.

Programmes taught in Danish

Bachelor programme

Master's degree programmes

  • Education Science
  • Educational Anthropology
  • Educational Psychology
  • Educational Sociology
  • Educational Theory and Curriculum Studies - Danish
  • Educational Theory and Curriculum Studies - Material Culture
  • Educational Theory and Curriculum Studies - Mathematics
  • General Education
  • ICT-based Educational Design
  • Philosophy of Education

Read more about our master´s degree programmes (in Danish)

Professional master's degree programmes

PhD programmes

The two PhD programmes of the Danish School of Education are organised under the Graduate School, Arts. The objective of the PhD programmes is to maintain and develop the quality of a strong and attractive PhD education at an international level, which will benefit future research into pedagogics and education as well as relevant labour markets for PhD graduates.


The programme focuses on the analysis of practice and policy in education, in particular of aim, content, form, organization and performance of learning, teaching and professional development in school and pre-school settings, and analysis of school development and of teacher education.

Learning and Education

The programme in learning and education is concerned with processes of learning and becoming in a wide variety of formal and informal educational settings as well as with the organizational, political, economical, social, cultural, scientific, philosophical and historical contexts in which educationally relevant relations and processes are embedded.