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Tomas Højgaard


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Tomas Højgaard

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My research mostly falls within the field 'didactics of mathematics', which is the term for the field that has teaching of mathematics as its aim and object. My research very often involves an investigation of the opportunities for and challenges in applying descriptions of subject-specific competencies as didactical tools of development, both in general terms, and in relation to mathematical modelling competency.

Furthermore, I investigate the conditions for and obstacles against establishing a fertile interplay between didactics of mathematics as a field of research on the one hand, and the practical teaching of mathematics on the other. This is done in various ways, e.g. through participation in a number of R&D-projects as listed on this page.

Videotaped recordings

My collaboration partners and I use videotaped recordings of experimental teaching in order to establish the mutually rewarding interplay between research and teaching practice. Through close examination of the recordings, I can identify the classroom practice's influence on my analysis of the practice, and by using snippets of the recordings in my communication of the research, the videos establish a common ground for research and practice, which hopefully will inspire others and not just me.

The snippets of the recordings can be seen by following the links below.


Subtitled video shots from various projects

Undervisningsformativ evaluering af kompetenceorienteret matematikundervisning (2010-2025)

Meningsfuld målstyret matematikundervisning (2016-2025)

Rhapsode-støttet, kompetenceorienteret matematikundervisning (2019-2020)

Mundtlige matematikprøver (2013)

KOMPIS (2010-2012)

DQME II (2008)

SOS (2005)

Above, please find links to video shots from projects where I worked systematically with video recordings. Each link leads to a log of the observed experimental teaching, to give the visitor a feeling for the context of each recording. The log opens with a listing of the chronology of the shots and of the analytical focus that I (and my fellow researchers) find that each shot sheds light on.

Each of the recordings of course come with a signed agreement from each of the participants, and they are as such only available for use by formally established research- and educational activities. Access to the recordings requires a password, which can be obtained by emailing me with a short description of the legitimate interest in the matter. Sharing the password with colleagues is ok, but it is of course not to be made public more broadly.

Job responsibilities

Teaching mathematics and mathematics education

Educational planning

Analysis of and developmental work on

- Relations between educational research and practice

- Didactical modelling as a methodology

- Descriptions of competencies as an educational tool

- The structuring of curricula

- Project work and student autonomy

- Mathematical modelling competency

- Mathematical problem tackling competency

- Mathematical symbol tackling competency

- Textbooks for mathematics education

- Tasks for mathematics education

Selected publications

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