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Stine Liv Johansen


Associate Professor, Lektor, ph.d.

Primary affiliation

Stine Liv Johansen

Areas of expertise

  • Children's use of media
  • Digital media
  • Media and disability
  • Social media

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My research field is related to children's media use, especially in relation to playful practices. I apply a practice-oriented perspective to the role of media and technologies in children's everyday lives, with a particular focus on how digital and mobile technologies are used as communicative tools, transgressing social and spatial spheres in the lives of children and youth. I am particularly interested in the intersection of media and disability, including representation and participation.

Teaching activities

My teaching focuses on the lives of children and young people with media, with a particular emphasis on qualitative methods to study media use. I teach in the Master's program in Children's Literature and Media, the course Media Use and Experience (in Media Studies), and the International Master in Children's Literature, Media, Culture, and Entrepreneurship (CLMCE). Additionally, I supervise master's theses and Ph.D. students in this field.


For me, research makes the most sense when applied in concrete contexts. Over the years, I have collaborated with numerous organizations, companies, and institutions, both public and private. I have also held several positions of trust, including chair of the Danish Media Council for Children and Young People, and I am currently the chair of the board for Odder Gymnasium and a board member of WeDoBooks, the Center for Digital Pedagogy, and Hou Maritime Sports Boarding School.

Selected publications

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