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Linda Graham: Poly-pharmacy and pop-psychology: tools for "managing" young people from distressed social circumstances?

This presentation reports on research from two current projects funded by the Australian Research Council. The first project examines the increase in diagnosis of special educational needs through a systems-analysis of an education system experiencing significant growth in the categorisation of children and young people as having "mental health problems". The second related project investigates the experiences of students who have been referred to special schools for disruptive behaviour.

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Tuesday 2 October 2012,  at 13:00 - 16:00


Department of Education, Aarhus University, Room A200, Tuborgvej 164, 2400 Copenhagen NV

Together, the findings reveal a disturbing social trend where multiple diagnoses (e.g., ADHD, ODD, CD, anxiety, bipolar disorder and Aspergers Syndrome) and psychiatric medications are used to both "explain" and "contain" the  behaviour of children and young people living in disadvantaged communities and distressed families.

To enhance exchange of knowledge and dialogue, we combine presentation, with group discussions and discussions in plenum together with the presenter. Associate professor Line Lerche Mørck will introduce, comment in relation to Danish context and mediate discussions.

Dr. Linda Graham is a senior researcher at the Centre for Research on Social Inclusion, Macquarie University, Australia. Her doctoral research investigated the relationship between educational policies, pedagogical practice and the increase in diagnosis of behaviour disorder, her research in inclusive education is informed by sociological and philosophical perspectives (continental and political philosophy). Her work is informed by the desire to better understand processes of inclusion and exclusion that lead to the marginalisation and pathologisation of children and young people.

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