Aarhus Universitets segl

OECD and the Danish primary school

Conference 4. October 2018


The OECD plays an important role in shaping educational policy and educational practice. The OECD is currently in the process of relabelling its activities, placing greater emphasis on issues such as teaching excellence, the reduction of social inequality, deep learning, student agency, empowering teachers.

The aim of this conference is to highlight the OECD’s ongoing research and development projects within education and the recommendations the organization publishes.

Welcome and opening remarks By Claus Holm, head of Danish School og Education, Aarhus University & Jørn Skovgaard, educational policy advisor.
Megatrends. Students' and teachers' future competencies By Andreas Schleicher, director for the Directorate of Dducation and Skills, OECD.
Q & A with Andreas Schleicher By Andreas Schleicher. Moderator: Jørn Skovgaard.
The future of education and skills 2030 Joao Costa, secretary of state, Portugal.
Teaching to improve equity and outcomes for all Liat Zwirn, Concept Consultancy.
Transforming schools to a 21st century focus Lars Qvortrup, professor, director, National Center for School Research.
Q & A with Joao Costa and Lars Qvortrup Moderator: Jørn Skovgaard.