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Break the pattern!

A critical enquiry into three scientific workplace cultures, Hercules, Caretakers and Worker Bees

In our third book we contrast empirical findings from academic workplaces in the five UPGEM countries. It discusses how physics in and as culture influence the perception of science of work and family life, of the interplay between religion and science as well as how physics as culture can either hinder or promote the career of female scientists.

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Break the pattern 

Draw the line!

Universities as workplaces for male and female researchers in Europe

This is a conference publication and offers a multifaceted picture of the diverse everyday life at different universities in four European countries.

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Draw the Line! 

Draw the line - Conference

International conference, Copenhagen 2008. Papers, proceedings and recommendations

This book presents proceedings from the UPGEM conference and include contributions by UPGEM researchers, politicians, gender equality officers and more. Finally this publication presents a set of recommendations by the UPGEM consortium which addresses how to break self-evident cultural patterns that impede the gender balance in academia.

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Draw the Line! Papers, proceedings and recommendations

National UPGEM Reports

Together, the five UPGEM reports from Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Italy and Poland unveil the complex and intricate cultural historical patterns behind the different career paths.

Puzzling gendered scientific careers

The UPGEM project finds that problems of retaining competent researchers in academia can be related to problems of perceived stereotypes and gender categories which hinder especially female researchers in reaching the top.

The project also finds that workplace cultures can be a problem for both male and female PhD students and researchers.

Diversity in historically and socially created boundaries between practices in the UPGEM countries affect who stays and who leaves academia. Some researchers are pulled out by family responsibilities or better job offers while others are pushed out because of low pay, unfair competition, harassment or changes in the political climate.


Project coordinator:
Cathrine Hasse

Professor, The Danish School of Education, Aarhus University

Information boxes on physics in context

Issues of e.g. contracts and social change may seem self-evident in a local context. This self-evidence is questioned when local issues in one national culture are contrasted with similar local issues in other national cultures.

The information boxes point to cultural diversity and similarity across the UPGEM countries based on overall knowledge of the effect of national historical and economic change on researchers's working conditions in Europe over the last 20 years