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NNDR 2009

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Challenging Positions in Disability Research

- normativity, knowledge and praxis

The 10th NNDR (Nordic Network on Disability Research) conference
April 2 - 4, 2009, in Nyborg, Denmark.

The theme of the 2009 conference originates from the ongoing critical debate on disability research as a field of research and academic discipline. As a cross- and multidisciplinary field, disability research can hardly be comprehended as one distinct position. The challenge is, thus, to understand the complexity of the field; how the different positions are challenging respectively supplementing each other. One of the crucial questions is whether the multiple and challenging positions in Disability Research create appropriate answers to the various questions and problems imposed from society on people with disability? The main challenge is how Disability Research creates a critical and productive interaction between issues such as normativity, knowledge and praxis.

Venue and accommodation:
Hotel Nyborg Strand, Østerøvej 2, 5800 Nyborg. Denmark.