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Work Package 6

Detailed Plan:
Work Package 6 - Detailed plan

Auckland Symposium, 6-7 November, 2012 - Programme
Auckland Symposium, 6-7 November, 2012 - Poster
Jacob Krause, Seminar, 31 October 2013, Auckland
The University in 2Q30: Towards a New Agenda

Final Workshop:
Final Workshop 5+6, Auckland, 22 April 2013

PowerPoint Presentation by:
Saba Kiani: ‘Neoliberalism and Islamicisation in Iranian Universities’
Airini, Kirsten Locke, and Annie Weir: ‘Diversity, equity and excellence in the University: A comparative study of New Zealand and Scotland’
Jill Blackmore, (Deakin University) ‘Leadership in higher education: a feminist perspective of global restructuring’

Pictures from Work Package 6

Working Papers:
Kirsten Locke: Shooting Arrows – Disruptions, Intersections and Tracing Lines
in Gender Research

Work Package Report:
Work Package 6