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Social Inequality in Education and Beyond

About the research unit

The research unit Social Inequality in Education and Beyond focusses on processes that generate social inequality in education. Researchers associated with this unit seek to uncover how students’ social origin, ethnicity or gender can lead to differential outcomes in schools, for example different grades, graduation, dropout rates, school choice or the choice of occupation after graduation. Overall, the research unit has a multidisciplinary scope even if numerous projects will draw on register data or large scale (OECD/IEA) international assessment studies such as PISA or TIMSS. Furthermore, researchers in this unit are also interested in the relationship between education and labor market outcomes as well as outcomes such as well-being and health.

Both analyses of the Danish country case as well as international comparative studies are being conducted in this research unit.

The research unit meets regularly to facilitate collaboration among members with respect to prospective research ideas or research projects. The research unit also provides opportunities to present and critically discuss ongoing research or new ideas.


  • Anders Astrup Christensen, PhD Student
  • Anders Ebbestrup Malling, Videnskabelig assistent
  • Anne Mette Brøgger Breining, PhD Student
  • Astrid Olsen, PhD Student
  • Bent Sortkær, Postdoc
  • Charlotte Herold Lange Hald, PhD student
  • Christian Christrup Kjeldsen, Associate Professor
  • David Reimer, Professor mso (coordinator)
  • Elisabeth Omand Grønhøj, PhD Student 
  • Emil Smith, Postdoc
  • Felix Weiss, Associate Professor (coordinator)
  • Ida Gran Andersen, Associate Professor
  • Jacob Christensen, Postdoc
  • Jens Rasmussen, Professor Emeritus
  • Martin David Munk, Professor
  • Morten Tannert, PhD Student
  • Ronni Laursen, Postdoc
  • Rune Kristensen, Associate Professor
  • Simon Skovgaard Jensen, Postdoc

Current projects