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The research unit investigates some inter-related areas in philosophy of education:

  1. Knowledge and learning: The relations between experience, language, reason and judgment. Epistemological and metaphysical conceptions and their importance for teaching, studying and learning.
  2. Formation, politics and religion: Political philosophy and norms in relation to formation (Bildung), democracy, citizenship and cosmopolitanism. Philosophy of religion, aesthetics and ethics.
  3. History of ideas: The relations between the history of philosophy and the history of educational ideas.
  4. Contemporary trends: Development of fields of knowledge and academic literacy.

These areas are explored critically from a variety of traditions mainly representing philosophical analysis, dialectics, critical theory, social analytical perspectives, "allgemeine Pädagogik", phenomenology and historical inquiry.


Navn Jobtitel E-mail Telefon Bygning
Frandsen, Henrik Vase Lektor hvf@edu.au.dk +4587163871 D, 106
Frølund, Sune Lektor sufr@edu.au.dk +4587163631 D, 141
Huggler, Jørgen Lektor johu@edu.au.dk +4560202790 D, 142
Jensen, Hans Siggaard Professor emeritus hsj@edu.au.dk +4540414593 D, 117
Korsgaard, Ove Professor emeritus ove@edu.au.dk D, 114
Nagbøl, Søren Peter Lektor sona@edu.au.dk +4587163617 D, 317
Olsen, Anne-Marie Eggert Lektor ameo@edu.au.dk +4587163976 D, 144
Rømer, Thomas Aastrup Lektor thar@edu.au.dk +4587163606 1483, 546
Schmidt, Lars-Henrik Professor lhs@edu.au.dk +4587163785 A, 419
Sørensen, Asger Lektor aso@edu.au.dk +4587163974 D, 111
Wiberg, Merete Lektor wiberg@edu.au.dk +4520586298 1483, 519