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About KULT

KULT (the consortium for research in the lives of young people, learning processes and transition) is a cross-disciplinary forum at the Danish School of Education (DPU) for research into young people and their lives. KULT is a community of DPU researchers whose work takes a variety of approaches in focusing on young people as well as initiatives relating to them. KULT meets four times a year and is an open forum for youth research at DPU.

One common feature of the research represented in KULT is that it views young people and their lives from a social perspective, with the focus on young people’s processes of becoming and transition, as well as the cultural, institutional and educational communities that young people encounter and participate in.

The research encompasses youth in a wide sense, dealing with all stages in the lives of young people from the early teenage years to the stage at which they can be described as young adults. The boundaries between the various stages of youth and the transitions between them are becoming increasingly fluid and culturally determined, making it difficult to distinguish clearly between youth and other life stages. On the other hand, this difficult distinction becomes a key focus when investigating young people’s processes of becoming and transition in modern society.

The research is broadly defined and covers all aspects of youth in and across its various spheres – school, education, the labour market, recreation, friends and family life – as well as the interplay between young people’s integration and participation in these spheres. The research deals with various problems associated with young people’s participation, integration, exclusion and transition in and between these different spheres, and the researchers use both qualitative and quantitative methods in their specific research projects.