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Rearticulating The Formation of Motivation (ReForM)

  • At the intersections of pedagogical leadership, standards and feelings

About the programme

Motivation is a key issue in fields such as education, management, social work and health promotion. It is about what drives people, and motivational work involves making people want to do the things that they have to do. What forms of motivation and motivational work exist at present?

Our research focuses on the ways in which various institutions/organisations have perceived and worked with motivation (now and in the past). We adopt a trans-disciplinary approach to answer questions such as: What subjects are created and shaped via various perceptions of motivation and motivational practices? How are independence, willpower, self-determination, responsibility, attention, affects and senses formed – and what do they depend on? Which communities, organisations, categories and inclusions are constituted – and what forms of demotivation, exclusion, resistance, reluctance and powerlessness arise? Are there any limits to motivational work, and are people sometimes beyond the reach of motivation strategy?


Morten Nissen

Professor with Special Responsibilities