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The research programme ‘Learning, Innovation and Sustainability in Organisations’ (LISO) is based on the extensive political, economic, social, cultural, technological and psychological changes that challenge our knowledge of the ways in which learning, education and innovation can be understood and managed in practice in and between organisations. The EU (the 2015-2020 plan) as well as public and private stakeholders emphasise the importance of facing these changes through significant investments in research and development that can generate new knowledge of and improved methods for how organisations can generate, acquire, share and apply knowledge, competences, practices and experiences.

The aim of the LISO research programme is to address these challenges by developing existing knowledge of how to understand sustainable learning, education and innovation from an organisational perspective. LISO takes its theoretical starting point from within overlapping fields of knowledge: a) organisational research, including organisational learning and innovation; b) education research, including workplace learning and adult learning and education. The LISO research programme aims to generate new knowledge and methods in close collaboration with organisations and other stakeholders through research, networking, organisation/university collaborations, projects and consultancy.

So the LISO research programme is based on a common interest whose aim is to generate empirical and theoretical knowledge about how to comprehend learning, education and innovation processes and results in organisations, inspired by the concept of ‘sustainability.’ In continuation of this complex of themes, LISO will address the general research question: How can we identify and develop sustainable learning, education and innovation from an organisational perspective?