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Facilitating Knowledge Processes

We do research and consult on new methods of learning and knowledge sharing between people face-to-face at conferences and in meetings, networks and organizations generally.

One important tool is facilitation, the art of helping a group of people accomplish what they want by guiding their process gently, but firmly.

Our four areas of interest:

  • Conferences
  • Meeting facilitation
  • Knowledge sharing in networks
  • Meaning in work life
    Read a short statement about them here.

Research and development projects:

  • Meetings that create value and meaning: A new project where 50 managers from each partner organization will be trained in meeting facilitation. The effect on meetings will be measured.
  • New conference formats: Ongoing Ph.D. project in collaboration with a handful of conference organizers.
  • The learning meeting: We developed and applied some 20 techniques for involving participants at 30 conferences held at four venues by a handful of partner companies
  • More effective meetings: A project with five knowledge-intensive corporations - Nokia, Novozymes, Elsam/Nesa, BRFkredit and Jyske Bank.

When can we help?

  • You are organizing a conference and would like the participants to be more active.
  • The meetings in your organization need to pick up.
  • You are responsible for a professional network and you want to energize it
  • You want more knowledge sharing in your organization.
  • You want to learn how to facilitate.
  • You need a one- or two-hour presentation for your event.
  • - Well, get in touch (see below).

Texts in English about our work:

We are: