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“Embodied anti-narrative research – new ways of studying harassment and discrimination in organizations”

Webinar with Bontu Lucie Guschke, PhD student at CBS.

2020.05.28 | Knud Holt Nielsen

Date Mon 22 Jun
Time 14:00 15:30
Location Webinar on zoom

Webinar with Bontu Lucie Guschke (PhD student at CBS) organised by the research project ’Fighting for E/quality’: https://projects.au.dk/fighting-for-equality/

Zoom link: https://aarhusuniversity.zoom.us/j/69510476937

The webinar is open to all. In order for us to get a sense of the number of participants, please send an e-mail to gbn@edu.au.dk if you expect to attend the webinar.

Webinar abstract:

My research centers on harassment and discrimination in contemporary organizational work settings. Empirically, I work with data from Danish universities. My interest lies within the research field of feminist and anti-racist critical management studies, including perspectives from queer feminist theory, black feminist studies and critical race theory. More specifically, I am exploring the concepts of harassment and discrimination from an intersectional perspective, taking into account how they are understood, perceived and negotiated between people in contemporary organizational work settings.

Methodologically, I am trying to explore organizational tensions, inconsistencies and complexities while avoiding to fix normativities in the research process. In order to do so, I employ anti-narrative research, operationalized through embodied methodologies as well as practices of queer listening, both in my data collection and analysis. In the presentation I will discuss both, the possibilities and implications of using embodied anti-narrative methodologies in research on harassment and discrimination in organizations.

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