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About the department

The study of educational anthropology focuses on social and cultural processes, of change and continuity in wide a range of formal and informal educational contexts throughout the world.

It is the critical, comparative and ethnographic study of educational issues and policies, of pedagogical concern, and learning processes in specific sociocultural contexts. 

These vary widely, ranging from classic pedagogical and educational institutions, such as day-care, schools, colleges and universities, to religious institutions, voluntary associations, welfare interventions, families, local and international businesses and various other kinds of social collectivities.

The Department of Educational Anthropology offers two two-year Master’s programs: a Danish-language program in Educational Anthropology and an English-language program in The Anthropology of Education and Globalization.

Degree programmes

Master's degree programmes

Scientific staff

Name Job title Email Phone Building
Acharya, Maya PhD Student msa@edu.au.dk
Adriansen, Hanne Kirstine Associate Professor hka@edu.au.dk +4593508015 D, 275
Anbert, Lærke Cecilie PhD Student lca@edu.au.dk
Anderson, Sally Associate Professor saan@edu.au.dk +4593508151 D, 279
Bach, Dil Associate Professor dil@edu.au.dk +4550907032 D, 259a
Brøndum, Tine Postdoc tineb@edu.au.dk D, 267
Bruun, Maja Hojer Associate Professor mhbruun@edu.au.dk +4521242730 1483, 527
Christensen, Tina Wilchen Postdoc tinc@edu.au.dk +4528992005 D, 247
Clemensen, Nana Associate Professor nacl@edu.au.dk +4593521707 D, 264
Cordovés Santiesteban, Alexander A Postdoc alexcordoves@edu.au.dk D, 286
Dannesboe, Karen Ida Associate Professor kida@edu.au.dk +4593521068 D, 293
Engstrøm, Thea Sofie Skjødt PhD Student tsse@edu.au.dk
Gilliam, Laura Associate Professor lagi@edu.au.dk +4587163784 D, 288
Gulløv, Eva Professor with Special Responsibilities evag@edu.au.dk +4593508147 D, 258
Hasse, Cathrine Professor caha@edu.au.dk +4523233631 D, 255
Hesselvig, Rianne H. PhD Student rhh@edu.au.dk
Holm, Lars Associate Professor larsh@edu.au.dk D, 290
Isfeldt, Annika PhD Student ai@edu.au.dk
Jensen, Charlotte Sun PHD chsj@edu.au.dk +4530317744 D, 285
Juul-Wiese, Thilde PhD Student thi@edu.au.dk intet lokale pr 1.9.23
Krause-Jensen, Jakob Associate Professor jakj@edu.au.dk +4541599415 1483, 522
Kristensen, Steffen Bering PhD Student sbk@edu.au.dk 1483, 531
Kryger, Niels Emeritus kryger@edu.au.dk
Larsen, Birgitte Romme Associate Professor brl@edu.au.dk +4593521750 D, 283
Martiny-Bruun, Asger PhD Student asma@edu.au.dk
Mogensen, Naja Dahlstrup PhD Student nada@edu.au.dk
Muasya, Gabriella PhD Student ginm@edu.au.dk
Nielsen, Gritt B. Associate Professor gbn@edu.au.dk +4587159564 D, 261
Nissen, Stine Karen PhD Student skn@edu.au.dk D, 268
Rasmussen, Jon Dag Postdoc jdr@edu.au.dk D, 270
Steane, Natalya PhD Student natalyas@edu.au.dk
Olesen, Jesper Associate Professor jeo@edu.au.dk +4593508149 D, 248
Thrane, Nanna Cæcilie PhD Student nathra@edu.au.dk
Ulrik Andreasen, Lise Postdoc lua@edu.au.dk D, 267
Winther, Ida Wentzel Associate Professor idwi@edu.au.dk +4551890434 D, 266
Wright, Susan Professor suwr@edu.au.dk +4587163628 D, 260


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