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Online seminar: What can vocational schools learn from each other's development work?

At this online knowledge sharing seminar six vocational schools from Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic exchange experiences from their participation in the DPU development and research project 'Sustainable Culture for Change'.

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Tuesday 5 October 2021,  at 09:00 - 16:45

What can six vocational schools who all work with quality improvement projects learn from each other? How can knowledge sharing improve the sustainability of the school's development projects?
We are looking for answers to these questions at the online knowledge sharing seminar, where six vocational schools from Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic exchange the experiences they have gained during the past two years of project work. Each school has worked with its own development goals and its own activities, but common to the six vocational schools is that they are part of the research and development project ' Sustainable Culture for Change '. The project has contributed to ensure that the schools work with the change processes in a certain way to strengthen the sustainability of the changes.

"The knowledge and experience we get from this project can also benefit Danish vocational schools – and in general, all organizations who have shared the experience that change and development can vanish when the project is over, the money spent and the consultants have left the building. With our project, we are gaining specific knowledge about how new initiatives – especially the pedagogical ones – can be implemented at the vocational schools, and, in a further perspective, how change cultures can become sustainable" says Susanne Gottlieb, International VET expert, DPU, Aarhus University.

The seminar will test a new way of gathering and sharing international experiences from development and research.

Speakers: Bjarne Wahlgren, Susanne Gottlieb, Katrine Puge, Line Lindhardt, all from DPU, Aarhus University

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