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Network co-ordinator:

Professor Ekkehard Nuissl von Rein, the German Institute of Adult Education, Duisburg/Essen University, Germany

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Professionalisation of Adult Teachers and Educators in ASEM countries

The quality of adult teachers and trainers is seen as a key factor for the implementation of lifelong learning. The network is dedicated to exchanging, comparing and researching professionalisation and professionalism of this group.

Key resarch fields and questions:

  • Competences: Which competences are needed by adult teachers? How are competences and qualifications related in different countries?
  • Effects: What evidence can be found concerning the effects of teacher training?
  • Accessibility: What role do access regulations and qualification standards play in the adult learning field?
  • Curriculum development: What methods and criteria are used for the construction and validation of teacher training curricula?
  • Methods: What role do practice vs. theory oriented approaches play in the choice of teacher training methods?

Network publications

Egetenmeyer, R. and Nuissl Ekkehard (eds.), 2010.Teachers and Trainers in Adult and Lifelong Learning: Asian and European Perspectives. Frankfurt: Peter Lang.

Book Review by Que Anh Dang