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National strategies

Network Coordinator: hmin@moe.edu.cn

Dr Han Min, Deputy Director General, National Centre for Education Development Research, Ministry of Education, China

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National Strategies for Lifelong Learning with regard to citizens' motivation and barriers against continuing education and training

Within the framework of ASEM Education and Research Hub, the goal of the network "National lifelong learning strategies with regard to citizens' motivation and barriers to continuing education and training" is to create a forum among European and Asian countries for presenting and exchanging knowledge, ideas and experiences of lifelong learning policies and practices. This is done by encouraging network participants and affiliated researchers to gather inputs that:

  • Reflect the national development of implementing lifelong learning policies and strategies; 
  • Examine the lifelong learning policies and practice in the framework of national socio-economic development;
  • Promote sharing of research achievements and practices of implementing lifelong learning; 
  • Develop possible areas of cooperation and corresponding action plans.

These inputs help to promote policy and strategy dialogue among policy makers, researchers and practitioners which are affilated with the network.

Network publications

Building up Lifelong Learning Communities: Challenges and Opportunities

Community Education Committee of Xuhui District, Shanghai, October 2007