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Webinar on teacher induction

Webinar on teacher induction

  • 12th and 13th November 2020

About the webinar

Many newly qualified teachers drop out of teaching. Among the reasons is the challenging nature of the transition from teacher training to the first teaching job. To facilitate this difficult transition and reduce dropout, many countries have introduced induction programmes. Induction here denotes a collective of programs involving orientation, support, and guidance for beginning teachers (Ingersoll & Strong 2011: 201). At this webinar, we will collect, share and discuss our knowledge regarding induction: What kinds of induction programmes exist? What do we know about the effects of these programmes, particularly in relation to teachers’ job satisfaction, commitment and retention? What programmes have been shown to work well and which programmes are most promising? What questions have and have not been addressed by research? What do we need to explore in future research on induction?

The webinar’s objective is thus to provide researchers, as well as educators and policymakers, with insights into what is known and not known about teacher induction and to pinpoint questions that need to be addressed in future research.

To this end, we have arranged a two-day webinar, inviting ten distinguished scholars in the field from a number of European countries. These scholars will provide insights into their country’s induction programmes, past and present, and their effects.


Ingersoll, R.M. & Strong, M. (2011): The Impact of Induction and Mentoring Programs for Beginning Teachers: A Critical Review of the Research, Review of Educational Research, Vol. 81, No. 2, pp. 201–233.    

Date, time and venue

  • Date: 12 to 13 November 2020
  • Time:  Both days 9.30 to 13/13.20 (Central European Time)     
  • Venue: Online